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Polymathic Coaching provides mentoring, coaching, and training to embrace, leverage, and develop Polymathic thinking

Individual and Organizational mentoring and coaching supported by formal training methods provides the crucial personal side of Polymathic Disciplines

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Professional Training

Polymathic Coaching is developing several training programs to provide a structured educational opportunity for your teams.  Currently, there are two training concepts that can be tailored for single or multi-day training:

  1. Keys to Innovation – Immersive training that looks at barriers to innovation and provides tools and techniques to unlock the full potential.
  2. Futures and Design Thinking – Bridges from envisioning the future toward the ability to convert that vision into practical analysis and application.
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Individual Mentorship and Coaching

From senior executives and individual contributors to new college grads, Polymathic Coaching empowers and energizes your career.

For aspiring Polymaths, we provide guidance on leveraging these skills to support, integrate, and maximize the value you bring to your craft. 

Whether you need career guidance, personal strengths finding, or are working to overcome a professional hurdle, we can provide personalized coaching and mentorship to help you succeed.

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Organizational Mentorship and Coaching

“You expect from others what you expect from yourself”

Organizational mentorship and coaching with a Polymathic perspective identifies and aligns your team’s talent to improve outcomes, increase morale, and embrace diversity.  In doing so, we can ensure our expectations are aligned, differences embraced, and collaboration is ensured to achieve outstanding results.



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