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Unique and impactful authoring and engagement promoting the Polymathic mindset

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Polymathic Being promotes the strengths, skills, and mindsets of Polymathic insight across multiple media channels

Engaging in open discussion, investigation, and sharing is one of the best ways to break down silos, collaborate across demographics and gain insights to solve the increasingly complex and wicked problems we are facing.

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It started with a Substack:

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And We Continue to Grow:

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Keynote Speaking

If you are looking for motivational and inspirational introductions to your event, Polymathic Being tailors keynote addresses to the audience. Whether opening or closing a symposium, motivating a morale event, kicking off an innovation initiative, and more, we can bring unique insights to your organization and help break the paradigms of thoughts, releasing creativity.

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The concept of Polymathic Disciplines started with the essays on Substack under Polymathing Being.  These counterintuitive insights from technology, innovation, philosophy, psychology, and more strive to capture the Polymathic mindset and share these insights globally.  

Beyond the Subtack Essays, are also magazine and journal publications as well as support and review of academic papers.

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Technical Discussion Panels

Supporting symposiums, conferences, and debates, Polymathic Being thrives on engagement with a broad cohort of thinkers to collaborate, refine, deliberate, and debate in order to advance the states of thought across multiple disciplines. 

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Symposium Presentations

Supported by a robust portfolio of symposium presentations, we can author on many topics as well as fusing topics together across working groups to maximize a network effect.  Historic titles include:

  • Modeling, Simulating, and Wargaming Cyberspace
  • Cyber Threat Vector Modeling
  • Cyberwarfare: Traditional Tactics on Non-Traditional Terrain
  • Demonetizing Cyber through Blockchain Analytics
  • Systems Engineering of Autonomy
  • Defining the System: A Lean Approach to Design Structure Matrices
  • Designing Antifragile Systems: Beyond Hardening and Resiliency
  • Antifragility and Future Combat: A Tutorial
  • Collaborative Communication through Non-Traditional Modes
  • And many more

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 Whether for Podcasts, Print Media, Television, Expert Testimony, and more, Polymathic Being will help illuminate the capabilities that can be leveraged to solve our wicked problems.  Notable appearances include:

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And More to Come!

The nature of Polymathic analysis ensures that as we continue to learn and grow, so too will the capabilities that we can bring to bear on your wicked problems

Let us know how we can engage and support your next event!

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