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Innovative insights across Program Management, Systems Analysis and Design, and Organizational Effectiveness

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Polymathic Analysis provides strategic insights to any organization to help address wicked problems

Wicked Problems are those that are multi-variate, interconnected, and don’t have easy Right or Wrong answers.  Polymathic Analysis provides solutions to these problems through cross-functional and cross-disciplinary approaches along with an eye on the organizational structures that can maintain and mature the solutions over time.

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We Specialize In:

Analysis for the Future

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Applied Futures

Applied Futures / Strategic Foresight looks to define the realm of the possible.  Polymathic Analysis leverages both Futurecasting and Threatcasting models to clearly articulate opportunities and risks and helps you chart a course tailored to your organization’s needs

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Operations Research

The discipline of OR is rooted in industry best practices for the past 100 years and specializes in the “Science of Better.”

Not needing to reinvent the wheel, we fully leverage the tools, techniques, procedures, and mindsets that maintain OR as the professional discipline of choice for the United States Military strategic advising, technology analysis, requirements definition, and modeling and simulation.

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Capture and Proposal Management Excellence

Polymathic Analysis leverages broad experience in optimizing capture behaviors, improving annual operating plans, 3 and 5-year capture pipelines, as well as full spectrum proposal support from management to authoring to competitive assessments.

We assist in establishing the same disciplined approaches to this critical step as we do to the design and execution.

Analysis for the Design

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We are experienced in facilitating innovation from ideation sessions to organizational calls for ideas to hackathons, rapid prototyping, proofs of concept, and more. Whether it’s blue sky imagination or incremental tech spirals, we can help lead, guide, and coach from a Polymathic perspective

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Technology Integration

Tech integration often results in reactive and ad-hoc designs. Polymathic Analysis supports this by looking at the larger system, including critical factors such as human/machine symbiosis, theory of mind, trust, and ethics when advising on technical roadmaps.

Further, we believe that unique innovation is not in specific technology but in the confluences and fusions of technologies. As such, we strive to keep abreast of the latest in technology development and help to leverage new tech into existing products facilitated by systems thinking.

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Composable Systems

Composability and Modular Open Systems Architectures are essential enablers in the 21st century. We analyze architectures to ensure your products and processes are adaptably formed, unformed, and reformed for maximum integration and reuse throughout the entire lifecycle.

Whether you are looking at data, hardware, or software systems, composability leads to competitive advantage, profitability, and increased development velocity.

Analysis for the Execution

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Program Management Excellence

Ensuring amazing products are developed, built, and delivered with disciplined and agile execution. Polymathic Analysis doesn’t prescribe a single approach; we tailor solutions that leverage the latest tools and techniques with phased maturation plans that avoid common change management pitfalls and optimizing execution

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Organizational Effectiveness

Focused on cross-disciplinary collaboration, Polymathic Analysis looks at an organization holistically and in context of the rest of the organization to ensure alignment, leverage strengths, and augment weaknesses all while creating a powerful network effect.

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Affordability and Profitability

Whether it’s reducing the overall product price to improve market share or improving profit on existing contracts and products, we understand all levels of the business from sales to supply chain and from design to manufacturing. This experience allows us to advise any organization to intelligently map the holistic systems and optimize performance to meet goals.

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Data Architecture

Building data systems is one thing; a thing that often results in very siloed and dirty data collection.  We understand the value of data and work to ensure any data architecture is aligned with internal and external value propositions and that the team is able to create and maintain data cleanliness.

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Public and Private Partnerships

Public and Private partnerships and collaboration help to unlock the full innovation potential of organizations.  Whether it’s large companies looking for start-up insights, start-ups looking to integrate their tech, government organizations looking for innovation, or academic institutions proliferating basic research, we can help analyze the structures and cultures that ensure success

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And More to Come!

The nature of Polymathic analysis ensures that as we continue to learn and grow, so too will our capabilities that we can bring to bear on your wicked problems



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