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We Empower You with The ABCs of Systems Innovation:

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Polymathic Analysis

Innovation Analysis for:

The Future

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Unique and impactful Training, Speaking, Authoring and Engagement promoting Systems Innovation


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Polymathic Coaching

Individual and Organizational coaching and mentorship to facilitate a system of systems perspective to mature products, processes, and people

“The application of Systems Innovation to our product portfolio helped us step back from our perspectives and not only provide crisp clarity to our key product offering to grow our core but to also clearly define what a new product offering would look like and how to align our products, processes, and people to unlock better value.”

Cory Hymel

VP Product, Gigster

Polymathic Disciplines was instrumental in discovering opportunities to streamline our corporate processes.

Leveraging a Systems Thinking approach, Michael was able to support a holistic approach to the relationships within our multiple brands, and really dive deep to uncover strategic wins for our brand and our clients.

It’s important to remember, it is not always about solving the problem identified. More often it is about defining the problem correctly. Polymathic Disciplines works to define the underlying problems and works collaboratively to solve them with you.

Chris Postill

Managing Director, Advando Americas

Why Choose Us?

Innovation often just needs a shift in perspective to unlock vast potential

Most of the cutting-edge solutions are being identified by people outside of the normal discipline centers at the same time the problems being presented become more and more complex and interrelated.

Whereas specialization was the key in the 20th century, today it must be complemented with and challenged by broader scope analysis and experience. In complementing teams with polymathic thinking we help organizations keep the gears of innovation moving.

Polymathic Disciplines provides Strategic Advising to augment any organization and, in doing so, heps you unlock the full potential of your Products, Processes, and People.

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The Core of Polymathic Disciplines:

Learn, Unlearn, Relearn

Alvin Toffler once said:

“The illiterate of the 21st century will not be those who cannot read and write but those who cannot learn, unlearn and relearn”

This is the driving goal of Polymathic Disciplines; tocontinually explore new domains and new ways, often counterintuitive ways, of thinking so that we can unlock the full potential of any organization we support. 

Whether you are in the C-Suite, on the Boards of Directors, a Manager, or Individual Contributor, we advise, guide, coach, and empower you to unclock incredible innovation and value.

We constantly challenge ourselves to learn, unlearn, and relearn in continual refinement and maturation across multiple disciplines to solve wicked problems.

“Today’s Wicked Problems can only be solved through Polymathic approaches of cross-disciplinary collaboration and rethinking the very nature of the problems and solutions avaliable”

Michael Woudenberg

Founding Polymath

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Polymathic Disciplines